Total Supply

78.35% of the offer was put into circulation for investors and players.
21.65% are reserved for the game development


Earn automatically passive BNB token rewards every day. 3% of each transaction is deducted and redistributed to all holders holding more than 100M $SOO tokens


Purchases are limited to less than 0.60% of the total supply. A cooldown will be activated at launch to avoid massive traffic.


3% of transactions are redistributed to the marketing wallet. This helps to pay our marketing team, our partners, our premium members and service providers


This Play to Earn project requires some artistic expertise. 2% of all transactions are redistributed to our developers and service providers for a better gaming experience

liquidity pool

The liquidity pool will allow the SOO/BNB pair to preserve a certain stability preventing any attempt of massive fall. 2% will be taken from each transaction ensuring our holders and the sustainability of the project

Supply division